Ask a Stoner: Should I Still Get a Medical Card?


Dear Stoner: I broke my femur a while ago and still have problems, thanks to an unsuccessful surgery. I use recreational marijuana  for pain, but is it worth it to get my medical card? Better products? Service?

Dear Creak: With a Colorado medical card, you’ll have access to stronger products, more attentive service and — perhaps most important — cheaper prices. WAY cheaper prices. Next time you’re in a shop with separate medical and recreational menus, compare the prices; you might be shocked. Medical flower and edibles are sometimes half the price of their recreational counterparts, and most medical dispensaries have lucrative member deals if you sign over your caregiver rights (that is, if you don’t want your own plants or a private caregiver — both worth considering). And the state sales taxes on MMJ are 10 percent lower than they are on the rec side, which adds up when you’re paying $40 for an eighth.