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If you want to learn the basics about the medical marijuana — as a medicine and as an industry —  Medical Marijuana 101 is a great place to do it.
If, in fact, one were to pick just one book to learn about medicinal cannabis, this would be a great selection. Especially for the new patient or caregiver, it can provide a very useful introduction to the subject and point the reader towards where to learn more.
Author Mickey Martin of Oakland is a fixture on the California medical marijuana scene, and has been an outspoken and stalwart defender of both the rights of medicinal cannabis patients and providers, and of the need for full legalization.
Martin is known for his no-prisoners, no-b.s. style of blogging, and while the tone of this book is a tad calmer than that of his Cannabis Warrior blog, it manages to be a great read while still filling the reader in on the basics of medicinal cannabis.

Photo: Sergio Vidal
“I have a feeling that at any moment I will be summoned by the police.” Author Sergio Vidal holds “Cannabis Medicinal,” the first marijuana grow book ever published in Brazil

Exclusive Interview: Author/Activist Sergio Vidal

​In a sure sign that attitudes toward cannabis are changing worldwide, the first-ever cannabis grow book has been published in Brazil — and it may well be the first grow book printed in the Portuguese language.

Cannabis Medicinal author Sergio Vidal, a marijuana activist, told Toke of the Town that just the discussion of weed — let alone its use and possession — is surrounded by taboos, legal prohibitions, and repression.
“We are a young democracy,” Vidal told us. “We lived in a military dictatorship for many years in the 1960s and 70s. Our Constitution is only 22 years old. And the drug laws are a reflection of this dictatorial period.”
According to Vidal, Brazil’s drug laws include one article that criminalizes conduct “encouraging the use of drugs,” which means you can be arrested for simply advocating the legalization of cannabis. That makes me realize how well we have it here in the States, where more than a year of Toke of the Town has resulted in zero police interference.
“Events such as the Marijuana March have been considered criminal in many cities,” Vidal told us. “The law has been used on several occasions to criminalize social movements for legalization.”