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They opposed REC sales in Arizona.

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Several former executives of Insys Therapeutics, which sells the powerful opiate fentanyl, were arrested accused of “ bribing doctors, defrauding insurance companies, and fueling America’s opioid addiction crisis.” Insys contributed to successfully defeat Arizona’s November REC vote.

GW Pharmaceuticals reported some “pretty grim” quarterly numbers, but it could benefit from its anti-epilepsy experimental drug Epidolex which is in late stage clinical trials.

Bloomberg suggests there’s a Canadian pot-stock bubble.

Legalization in more states could depress California’s export market. And in another interesting piece by Madison Margolin, California’s “extract artisans” now have some legal protections from meth-lab laws.

Vice dives into regulatory tech which it calls the “ cannabis surveillance state.

Home grow system Leaf raised $2M.

Celebrity-branded weed costs about 24% more than unbranded. Forbes asks if the trend has gone too far.

Commercial landlords in northern California prepare for legalization.

Quartz profiles marketing company Octavia Wellness which throws pot parties for seniors.  The art world is joining efforts to re-brand cannabis.

The Denver Post’s Cannabist won most influential media source at the cannabis business awards.

A new study in Pharmacological Research, by Czech and Italian researchers, found that pot is an aphrodisiac. Read the study here.

Another study found that marijuana use may damage eyesight.

New York state wants patients to be able to access MED in hospitals. A study found that cannabis users have lower in-hospital mortality rates.

In an effort to reduce opioid use, Oregon wants opioid patients monitored for marijuana use. The health agency view on marijuana vis a vis opioid use is unclear.

The world’s first clinical trial to test MED for chemotherapy patients is beginning in Australia.

A device developed by Israeli start-up distributes “ nano-droplets” of CBD as a nutraceutical to relieve inflammation and pain is on sale in the U.S. KKTV looked at the cannabis research happening at Colorado State-Pueblo.

The U.S. is lagging Israel and other countries in cannabis research.

The Washington [state]CannaBusiness Association is starting a fund to support MED access for the needy.


Darryl James/Willamette Week
The Human Collective director Sarah Bennett (right) helps a client at the dispensary in Tigard. The Human Collective was raided Thursday morning.

Campaign Makes Statement on Oregon Medical Marijuana Raids: ‘Regulation is the solution.’
Washington County, Oregon sheriffs’ officers on Thursday morning raided The Human Collective, a medical marijuana facility in Tigard. Sheriff’s Sgt. Bob Ray claimed The Human Collective dispensary, which opened in April 2010, was selling marijuana.
Two people were detained during the search, reports Noelle Crombie of The Oregonian. No arrests were made, and nobody has been charged with a crime.

Photo: The Slanch Report
Ron Artest and other obnoxious rich idiots are against marijuana legalization

​NBA loudmouth Ron Artest of the Los Angeles Lakers is always happy to share his opinions, no matter how dumb they are, on any subject — and marijuana is no exception.

“Even if they legalize marijuana, I won’t be smoking marijuana,” Ron-Ron told Kevin Ding of The Orange County Register.

“So there you have it,” writes The Daily Heat. “The man who once admitted to drinking before his games while on the Chicago Bulls roster (who wouldn’t?) has turned turned over a new leaf.”
But the would-be political commentator Artest wasn’t content to spread his vast knowledge on the subject only with the Register
“He took his fight to the one true intellectual battlefield (apart from Opposing Views) left in the world: Twitter,” The Daily Heat tells us.