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Wikimedia commons/Robert W. Gordon.

Former NFL wide receiver Sam Hurd was sentenced yesterday to 15 years in federal prison, accused by the feds of being the kingpin behind a start up cocaine smuggling operation. The sentence is much lower than most expected.
Federal sentencing guidelines stipulated somewhere between 27 and 34 years. But U.S. District Judge Jorge Solis says Hurd was charged more with talking about being a cocaine dealer than ever actually being one.

Photo: RCMP
An RCMP officer poses with two of the bears found at a marijuana grow-op in British Columbia. The bears were quite friendly and wanted to lay on top of investigating officers’ patrol cars.

‚ÄčActor Jason Priestley has joined a growing global campaign to save more than a dozen docile, mellow black bears that were found protecting a marijuana crop in British Columbia, Canada.

Police discovered 14 bears — which they believed to have been lured there with dog food by the owners to protect the illegal crop from cannabis thieves — wandering happily around the property during a pot raid on July 30.
Officials originally said they planned to destroy the bears if they couldn’t fend for themselves and continued to depend upon human food.