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Photo: Genaro Molina/Los Angeles Times
Budtender Kim prepares an order for a client at Green Oasis, in October 2009. Green Oasis is one of the shops that was shut down under Los Angeles’ restrictive new medical marijuana ordinance.

​Los Angeles city officials announced Wednesday that only 41 medical marijuana dispensaries are eligible to stay in business under the city’s restrictive ordinance. The number is so low that the city said it will suspend the process of narrowing the number of shops, and ask a judge to rule that it is legal, reports John Hoeffel at the Los Angeles Times.

The announcement means that at least 129 of the dispensaries that had been allowed to remain open under the previous moratorium will now be forced to close.

“It was a surprise,” said Jane Usher, special assistant city attorney who worked with the City Council to draft the complex law, and is defending it in court.

Graphic: Sookiesooker/Dangerous Minds

​The Los Angeles city clerk’s office has released a “priority list” of medical marijuana dispensaries with the date and time they originally registered under the September 2007 moratorium. The list will be used to determine the order in which dispensaries will have their choice of locations in the city.

For example, the first shop registered, with first choice, can locate anywhere in the city that zoning regulations allow.
Going down the priority list, each time an additional dispensary picks a location, the available choices will get a little thinner, because no other dispensary can locate within 1,000 feet, per the L.A. medical marijuana ordinance.