L.A. Releases Pot Dispensary ‘Priority List’ For Choice Locations


Graphic: Sookiesooker/Dangerous Minds

‚ÄčThe Los Angeles city clerk’s office has released a “priority list” of medical marijuana dispensaries with the date and time they originally registered under the September 2007 moratorium. The list will be used to determine the order in which dispensaries will have their choice of locations in the city.

For example, the first shop registered, with first choice, can locate anywhere in the city that zoning regulations allow.
Going down the priority list, each time an additional dispensary picks a location, the available choices will get a little thinner, because no other dispensary can locate within 1,000 feet, per the L.A. medical marijuana ordinance.

A cursory examination of the list shows the crucial importance of timing. The list shows many instances where just a few minutes between registration times could mean the difference between a prime location and one which is not so ideal.
A list of dispensaries that actually filed the “Intent to Register” (PDF) during the allowed window of opportunity (June 7-14, 2010) will soon be posted.
That will be the list of dispensaries allowed under the ordinance; their position on the priority list will determine the order in which they are allowed to select an eligible location.
(pending verification of Intent to Register filing June 7-14)