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Where’s Weed?

Advocates Outraged; Vow To Reverse New Law With A Referendum

The Los Angeles City Council, after having flirted with the idea for some time, on Tuesday voted to ban the medical marijuana dispensaries in the city, claiming “neighborhood concerns” were a factor in the decision, along with recent court rulings questioning the right of cities to regulate the cannabis collectives.

The majority view of the council has evolved, reports Dennis Romero of LA Weekly, to the outlook that the city’s dispensary scene was not foreseen by state legislators when they allowed collectives as part of SB 420, which in 2003 clarified and expanded Proposition 215, approved by state voters back in 1996.

Where’s Weed?

Barring a miracle, all medical marijuana dispensaries will be banned from Long Beach, California on August 12.

Law enforcement officers gave an update on the city’s current medical marijuana law — which includes an exception allowing 18 dispensaries — during Tuesday’s City Council meeting, reports Jonathan Van Dyke at
The Council voted in February to ban collectives, with a six-month exemption for the dispensaries that had gone through a long and torturous approval process — even including a lottery, for Christ’s sake — for the past several years.
On Tuesday, the question was whether the city ever wanted to offer another extension to the existing dispensaries, or whether the initial six-month exemption was intended as a grace period for the shops to “wind down” operations.

Where’s Weed?

Here we go again. A marijuana dispensary ban will be considered at Los Angeles City Hall tomorrow, Tuesday, May 29. The L.A. City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) committee will look at the proposed ban.

“A complete obliteration of Los Angeles’ famous and numerous pot shops is on the table,” writes Dennis Romero at the LA Weekly.
The committee will consider two options:
• A “gentle ban” proposed by Councilman Paul Koretz, who claims its a “more reasonable” approach through which L.A. proceeds with a ban on dispensaries, but uses “prosecutorial discretion” to abstain from enforcement actions against dispensaries deemed not to be in violation of a set of City Council-imposed “restrictions.”