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A police body camera by Taser.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti unveiled plans today to outfit the LAPD with 7,000 body cameras, making L.A. the first major city to take that step. But before the cameras hit the streets, the department has to come up with a policy on when and how they will be used. And that could be tricky.
The L.A. Police Protective League, the union that represents LAPD officers, is broadly supportive of body cameras. But they want to make sure that officers can review the videos before writing up their reports.
Not so fast, says the ACLU, which calls the proposed policy “ridiculous”. More at The Informer blog.

The days of jackbooted feds raiding legit medical marijuana operations are mostly a thing of the past under the omnibus federal spending bill signed by President Obama this week. An amendment slipped into the bill denies funding for federal anti-pot raids of legit marijuana businesses in states where cannabis has been legalized for medical or recreational purposes. That would include nearly 32 states and the District of Columbia.
The addition to the $1.1 trillion spending bill, hammered out by the House and approved by the Senate last week, was written in part by a Southern California congressman.

Since voters passed Proposition D in 2013, which limited the number of dispensaries in L.A. to about 135, the count on registered stores actually ballooned to 1,140 before settling down to 972, far more than you’ll find in the entire state of Colorado. Feuer has furthermore previously said that at least 100 have shut down, thanks to the efforts of his office.
On Tuesday, the top city prosecutor said that the number of shops in L.A. has now been cut in half, with 402 taken out by criminal cases, civil action and more. LA Weekly has the full story.

Gene Maddaus.
L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer.

L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer announced this morning that he is cracking down on on Nestdrop, the “Uber for weed” app that delivers medical marijuana to your door. At a press conference this morning, Feuer said the app violates Measure D, the city’s medical marijuana initiative, which limits delivery of medical pot to patients’ primary caregivers.
“There is no lawful delivery service under Prop. D,” Feuer said. “We’re hoping that a court agrees with us.”

Jim McDonnell.

Long Beach Police Department Chief Jim McDonnell was sworn in as Los Angeles County Sheriff yesterday afternoon.
There’s no question that he was elected in November to reform a department rocked by federal charges against deputies that included allegations of excessive force against inmates, assaults on jail visitors, and the attempting thwarting an FBI investigation by hiding an incarcerated informant. It sounds like a clear task, but it won’t be easy. LA Weekly has more.

It might not have been a fruitful election for President Obama and his fellow Democrats, but one faction of lefties and libertarians had a banner day: We’re talking about drug-decriminalization supporters. Voters in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C. approved the legalization of limited amounts of recreational marijuana for the 21-and-older set. Californians approved categorizing minor drug possession as a misdemeanor, via Proposition 47. And New Jersey reformed its bail system in a way that will keep many low-level drug offenders out of prison.
But when it comes to marijuana, California is looking like the never-the-bride bridesmaid again this year. Despite our groundbreaking, 1996 initiative that made us the first state in the union to legalize medical marijuana, the Golden State has been slow to join the recreational craze. Activists say that’s about to change.

It appears to us that nearly half the online dating profiles out there express affinity for long walks on the beach. The other half seem to say, “420 friendly,” at least in L.A. Los Angeles marijuana entrepreneur Miguel Lozano noticed that too, and this year he launched cannabis dating site with partner Jay Lindberg.
Lozano, a clothier who helped to organize the Bong Olympics way back when and who plans a 20-year anniversary of that event soon, says his was the world’s first pot dating platform. He says it’s also the most prominent. A Google search seems to prove that: It comes out on top.


Santa Monica, once a bastion of liberal freedoms, has formally banned e-cigarette use in outdoor dining areas, in parks, at beaches, around libraries, and at the city’s famed pier — which means stealthily getting your buzz on via vape pens loaded with THC juice just got a lot harder.
Santa Monica even banned vaping near ATMs, at bus stops, and “within 20 feet of the entrance, exit or open window of any building open to the public,” according to a city statement released yesterday. More at the LA Weekly.

A week ago we told you about controversial cop Frank Lyga with the Los Angeles Police Department, who has been accused of being a racist asshole. It seems Lyga’s bosses think so, too. Lyga was terminated by Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck, the detective’s attorney, Ira Salzman, told L.A. Weekly yesterday.
Lyga was sent home with pay in June after a recording of comments he made to an ongoing-training course for law enforcement was brought to the media’s attention by political consultant Jasmyne Cannick. The white detective, who justifiably* shot a black officer in 1997 while both were out of uniform, said, “I could have killed a whole truckload of them.”

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