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An image from the Children’s Hospital of Colorado marijuana facts page. Additional pics and more below.

Against the backdrop of a Colorado health department official formally recommending that almost all marijuana edibles be banned, the Children’s Hospital of Colorado staged a weed-related Twitter chat this morning, with one of its focuses being how to talk pot with children under the age of ten. Among the pieces of advice the facility shared: If a child asks, “What is marijuana?,” answer with something along the lines of “”It is a plant that people use to change how they feel. It can make people feel confused or fuzzy.”

Recovery Ways

New survey results released on Wednesday by The Partnership at and MetLife Foundation indicate past-month marijuana use — especially heavy use — has increased significantly among U.S. high school students since 2008, even as abuse of prescription drugs has fallen and hard-drug use has remained steady.

That could be positive news — teens are becoming more likely to use a non-toxic herb than deadly pills. But of course, since The Partnership is a cultish anti-drug scare group, these findings are causing them much hand-wringing and drama.