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Marijuana laws in America vary widely from state to state — and they shift so frequently that keeping up can be a challenge.

That’s why a new marijuana policies map is so helpful.

Developed by Frontier Financials and under the auspices of the National Cannabis Industry Association, the interactive online map provides updated basics about marijuana rules in all fifty states with just a click — and also offers some intriguing projections.

Center For Legal Cannabis
Under Washington state’s I-502, the Liquor Control Board will not license cannabis businesses that are within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, playgrounds, libraries, child care centers, recreation centers, public transit centers, and game arcades

Tuesday Lecture In Seattle Will Cover I-502 Prohibited Zones
In the wake of the historic voter decision to legalize cannabis in Washington state, licensed marijuana retailers may become a reality by December 2013. But good luck getting such a license in Seattle, said one researcher, with the zoning requirements put in place by Initiative 502.
“Nowhere will it be more difficult to site a licensed cannabis business than in urban areas, particularly in the Seattle metropolitan area,” said Ben Livingston with the Center for Legal Cannabis, a newly formed “think tank and project incubator.”
Livingston started mapping federal “school zones” two months ago after the DEA sent letters to dozens of medical cannabis businesses and their landlords, warning them to shut down.

Opposing Views
Did the Feds think of the impact that their letters and raids have had on the patients who depend on places like the Berkeley Patients Group?

By Bob Starrett
He looked a bit suspicious, standing in front of the Blockbuster kiosk at the 7-11 talking on his cell phone. He wasn’t renting a movie so I asked him to move to the side. As I was perusing the latest releases, he walked into the store.
Just seconds later he was out and gone. As he streaked past me, I could hear the jingling of coins in a jar but by the time I realized what was happening he was too far gone for me to do anything about it.
An approaching woman told me that there was a car idling in the alley, apparently the getaway car. It was over so quickly. It was only then that I realized that all I would have had to do was lift up my right leg as he was accelerating by me and he would have done a faceplant onto the concrete.
A common thief. A street thief. Steal anything from anyone, without regret, without thought of consequence. He probably did not pick a particular charity jar to take. He likely took whatever was closest to the door. And then he was gone, just like that. No thought to the charity, no thought at all.

THC Finder

​The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Colorado has endorsed an initiative to legalize marijuana in that state — one which does not establish what some activists call an “illegitimate” DUIC (Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis) law. But the ACLU of Washington state, according to Seattle-based political activist Edward Agazarm, “still out of sync with voters and supporters, stumbles forward with fatally flawed Initiative 502.”

ACLU-WA has formed New Approach Washington (NAW), a political action committee with the stated goal of promoting I-502 to legalize, regulate and tax marijuana. “Unfortunately, many citizen initiatives — though well intentioned — are riddled with errors and mistakes,” Agazarm said in an email to Toke of the Town and other media outlets. “Initiative 502 is a prime example.”
“In what appears to be Washington’s latest initiative blunder, I-502 contains last-minute DUI language that, because of science, has already been rejected by state state Legislatures (Colorado and Oregon) and a state Supreme Court (Michigan),” Agazarm said.

Graphic: Sensible Washington

​Two volunteers from marijuana legalization group Sensible Washington have been driving an RV dubbed “the CannaBus” across the state this week to gather signatures and rally support for I-1149, a ballot initiative that would remove all criminal penalties for adult cannabis offenses.

From Thursday, May 19 through Sunday morning, May 22, volunteers Mimi Meiwes and Tricia Rogers, along with the CannaBus, will be in Spokane, where new raids this week by Spokane Police and federal agents have left even more medical cannabis patients without safe access to the medicine their doctors have authorized.