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The service also failed to protect customer information.
Here’s your daily round up of pot news, excerpted from the newsletter WeedWeek.

Irvine, Calif.-based Weedmaps is full of bogus dispensary reviews, according to an investigation by the L.A. Times.

Reporter Paresh Dave looked at nearly 600 businesses reviewed on the site and found that 70% included reviews submitted from a single IP address (i.e. a single computer). A textual analysis found that 62% of reviews on the site are “fake.”

Weedmaps, a Yelp-like service with operations in several states, had stored the IP addresses of anonymous reviewers, in its publicly available code. A Weedmaps executive said the 62% figure is far too high, and emphasized that reviews are only part of the product.

The Maine Legislative Council today will vote on whether or not to allow a measure to be introduced in the coming session that would legalize the possession, cultivation and use of limited amounts of cannabis for adults 21 and up.
Portland Rep. Diane Russell, who introduced the bill and who’s city voted to legalize the possession of small amounts of cannabis earlier this month, says she’s hopeful the measure will move forward.

Oregon medical marijuana dispensaries – roughly 150 or so – are one step closer to have a set of state guidelines after lawmakers last week approved a bill creating a medical marijuana dispensary program by a 32 to 27 vote.
House Bill 3460 is now awaiting the signature of Gov. John Kitzhaber to become law. If passed, the bill would not create any new taxes and the industry would pay for the regulations through licensing fees.

Oregon legislators are set to vote this week – possibly even today – on creating a program through the state health department to regulate medical marijuana businesses.
Legislators say the program is needed because dispensaries currently operate under a hodgepodge of regulations while advocates point out that keeping dispensaries legal and operation is key to patient medicine access. Not every one of the 53,000 registered medical marijuana has the ability to grow cannabis, and medical marijuana centers allow a safe and legal point to procure their pot.
Rep. Kathy Webb of Little Rock has said she’s voting for the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act

Democratic Rep. Kathy Webb of Little Rock cast her ballot on Monday, the first day of early voting in Arkansas. According to The Associated Press, Webb reported that she voted “Yes” on the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act.
On the first day of early voting, Webb cast her ballot for the proposal that, if approved, would make Arkansas the first Southern state to legalize cannabis for medicinal purposes.
Webb, the only openly homosexual elected official in Arkansas, said she didn’t plan on actively campaigning for the measure. She is term-limited and not running for reelection, but said she would have voted for medical marijuana even if she was running for office.
The proposal, Issue 5, would allow patients with certain qualifying conditions to buy marijuana from nonprofit dispensaries with a doctor’s authorization.

Democratic Party of Oregon

​The campaign for Measure 74, which would legalize medical marijuana dispensaries in the state, announced Wednesday that they have received support for their cause from the Democratic Party of Oregon.

Co-author and chief petitioner Anthony Johnson said the endorsement will help his campaign by getting the word about to voters that the measure is on the ballot and that it “further legitimizes medical marijuana as medicine,” reports Sarah Ross of The Oregon Politico.
Of course, the usual suspects, chiefly including law enforcement, were quick to criticize the ballot measure. Bruce McCain, an attorney who is also a retired captain from the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, claimed the measure could be “political cover” for legislation that would further decriminalize marijuana.
“I’m just trying to give an objective analysis of what 74 is going to do, and 74 is simply the next step to Prop 19,” claimed McCain, citing the California voter initiative that could legalize and regulate adult recreational marijuana use in that state if it passes in November.