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It’s even classified as a chemical weapon.

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Steep Hill, a testing lab, found that 84% of samples tested at its Berkeley facility over a 30-day period tested positive for pesticide residues, more than expected. Alarmingly, about 65% of samples tested positive for Myclobutanil, a common food pesticide that becomes highly toxic when heated.

Kalan LP
Hey man, pass the bag.

​You’d think it was some sort of sugar-coated apocalypse to hear some drama-addicted folks making a brouhaha about the marijuana-shaped candies that are now available.

Never mind the fact that you can’t get high on ’em. Just the very fact that they’re shaped (sort of) like the leaves of that evil cannabis plant is enough to get some (bored? angry? neurotic?) parents all in a lather.
The candy part of the ring is shaped like a marijuana leaf. The packaging shows a joint-smoking, peace sign-shooting hippie type and has the word “Legalize” on it.
The “Ring Pots Pot Shaped Ring Candy” and “Pothead Lollipops” are distributed to retail stores by novelty supply company Kalan LP, based in a Philadelphia suburb named Lansdowne, reports Amanda St. Amand of the St. Louis Post-Disptach.