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Through early October, the state is accepting applications from entities interested in becoming one of Minnesota’s two official medical marijuana growers.
Via a spokesperson, family members from one prominent Twin Cities business, Bachman’s Floral Gift & Garden Centers, told the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal they’ll throw their hats in the proverbial ring, though the spokesperson said the Bachman’s Floral business itself won’t be involved.


We all know cops aren’t the brightest bulbs on the shelf (after all, if they were smarter they wouldn’t be cops). But in case you needed a reminder of the mental heavyweights we are dealing with, Annapolis Police Chief Michael Pristoop had to publicly apologize yesterday for passing on a satirical, hoax news story claiming 37 marijuana deaths the day Colorado legalized pot sales.
Even better: Pristoop admits that he believed the information was completely accurate, and even though none of it is true he still is sticking by his wrongheaded position.

Steve Katz.

New York Republican Assemblyman Steve Katz is a fucking hypocrite. Last year, the lawmaker – who is on the Assembly Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Committee – voted against medical marijuana in the state, saying that it would only increase illegal drug use. Fast-forward to this past weekend when Katz was cited for marijuana possession after police pulled him over for speeding.