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A haze lifting above Denver’s Civic Center Park April 20, 2012.

Yesterday, Colorado cannabis activist Miguel Lopez, the organizer of Denver’s annual 4/20 rally at Civic Center Park, released the schedule for this year’s two-day event, taking place on (duh) April 20 and 21. But in addition to a breakdown of happenings on each day, he also shared with Westword‘s Michael Roberts his often-negative thoughts about Amendment 64’s passage, as well as his views about continuing the fight for full cannabis legalization.

CU students at the campus 4/20 party in 2011.

Last month, after The University of Colorado at Boulder announced that it would be closing campus on 4/20 for the second consecutive year, marijuana attorney Rob Corry (who unsuccessfully challenged last year’s shutdown) said he was exploring the possibility of seeking a permit for a 4/20 event at CU this year as an alternative to filing another request for a temporary injunction. After all, CU was known for their huge — but peaceful — pot protest/party for years.
Now, however, Corry says the permit plan is off the table and he encourages CU students to attend the 4/20 celebration in Denver instead. Denver Westword has the rest.

The University of Colorado at Boulder will be on lockdown this Friday, complete with campus police conducting checkpoints and demanding proper ID from everyone in sight. The reason? Authorities want to finally snuff out the school’s annual pro-pot rally. 

Attorney Robert J. Corry, Jr., filed an emergency temporary restraining order in Boulder District Court on Thursday, asking the court to prohibit the University of Colorado at Boulder from closing its campus to the public on 4/20.

The UC-Boulder administration has said they will shut down the entire campus to non-students for the entire day on Friday in order to stop a legal protest that is protected by the First Amendment. Students will be allowed to enter campus only if they show their student ID card.
“What the university is trying to do is kill a fly with a nuclear ICBM,” Corry told The Raw Story‘s Stephen C. Webster on Thursday. “It’s completely overreaching to shut down an entire campus to all members of the public.”

death + taxes

By Jack Rikess
Toke of the Town
Northern California Correspondent
Verb:  1. Produce or be filled with a deep, full, reverberating sound.
         2. Evoke or suggest images, memories, and emotions.
Picture the State of California in your mind. Now imagine the Attorney General taking a pair of Federal scissors and cutting along the dotted line below and above California’s largest city, leaving Los Angeles as an island. Not content to stop there, Cali’s Top Law Dog is now on a serrated blood trail with Federal Fiskars in hand.
She continues undercutting the will of the People by lopping off areas of California like a mad child decapitating paper dolls. Soon, if she has her way, all of California’s dispensaries will be gone.

Photo: CTV News
Samuel Mellace holds up the joint he smoked in Canada’s House of Commons on Parliment Hill in Ottawa, Monday, October 4.

​It smelled good in Canada’s Parliament on Monday. A medical marijuana patient lit up a joint in the House of Commons to protest what he called unfair rules set by Health Canada.

Samuel Mellace, who lives in Abbotsford, British Columbia, is a licensed cannabis user under the Canadian federal government’s medical marijuana program, reports Meagan Fitzpatrick of Postmedia News. He started smoking a joint Monday afternoon while in the public gallery of the House of Commons as the daily question period came to an end.