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Irvin Rosenfeld holds up a tin of 300 federal joints. He receives one of these tins every 25 days.

​​On a recent chilly morning, Fort Lauderdale, Florida stockbroker Irvin Rosenfeld interrupted his client calls for a quick joint in the company parking lot. Then he went back to work inside — and nobody said anything about the smell.

That joint — legal, for him — was one of more than 120,000 the federal government has given Irv at taxpayer expense for the past 29 years, reports Fred Tasker at the Miami Herald. Rosenfeld, 58, is one of only four people who remain in a now-closed “compassionate” drug program that, at its peak in the 1980s, provided 13 patients across the United States with marijuana to help manage medical conditions.
Rosenfeld smokes 10 to 12 government joints a day to help relieve a rare, painful condition called multiple congenital cartilaginous exostosis, which causes tumors to grow from the ends of his bones.
Not only does marijuana ease Rosenfeld’s pain and make his joints more flexible — for decades now, the tumors of have stopped growing, which Irv attributes to the pot.
His new self-published book, My Medicine: How I Convinced The Federal Government To Provide My Marijuana And Helped Launch A National Movement, tells the story of his cannabis use, and argues that the federal government should be more active in studying pot’s medical uses.

Photo: Enjoy Jars
The Enjoy Jar’s four separate compartments can be highly useful to the cannabis patient on the go. That’s the Nugtainer, also included with each Enjoy Jars purchase, on the upper right. You’ll have to provide your own lighter, herb and papers, man.

​Enjoy Jars are new cannabis containers designed to help medical marijuana patients organize up to five different strains of medicine. Made in Orange County, California out of a lightweight, high-performance polycarbonate, Enjoy Jars have four individual sections, all sealed, which trap that familiar skunky smell.

“Label each section with a Sharpie marker and let dry for a few seconds,” Enjoy Jars advises. “When it’s time for a new strain, simply wipe off with rubbing alcohol and write in a new name.”
The innovative lid individually seals each section to ensure that the contents remain isolated and maintain their unique smell and flavor. The contents of each of the four sections will not mix with each other.
The small Nugtainer, which comes with each Enjoy Jar, is perfect for those times when you have a nug in your pocket but don’t want it collecting any lint — and it doubles as a container for a fifth strain, should you be that lucky.