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Gene Walsh/Times Herald
State Senator Daylin Leach: “It is time for Pennsylvania to be a leader in jettisoning this modern-day prohibition” 

A state senator in Pennsylvania on Wednesday announced plans to introduce legislation that would legalize marijuana in Pennsylvania. State Senator Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery/Delaware) is currently looking for cosponsors for the bill.

“This past November, the people of Washington state and Colorado voted to fully legalize marijuana,” Sen. Leach said, reports The Sentinel. “Other places, including California, have had de facto legalization for some time.”
“This week, I will introduce legislation which would have Pennsylvania join these other states in ending this modern-day prohibition,” Leach said. “My bill will legalize the consumption of marijuana for adults over the age of 21, without regard to the purpose of that consumption.”

Porn star Capri Anderson, who recently called the cops on Charlie Sheen, was a teenage pothead! Yeah, I know. But that seems to be a pretty big deal to

‚ÄčThe porn star who Charlie Sheen recently trapped inside a New York City hotel bathroom during a cocaine-fueled sex-for-money exchange got busted for pot seven years ago, when she was only 15 — and the national press is now in a fine tizzy over the girl’s “secret drug arrest.”

Christina Walsh, a.k.a. porn starlet Capri Anderson, was arrested in April 2003 after she was caught with marijuana and drug paraphernalia, reports At the time, Walsh was just 15 years old and in high school. (I know: apparently very high school.)