Author Kyle Munzenrieder

Are you a health-conscious stoner who has adopted that vape lifestyle? Sick of people lighting up the old fashioned way? Well, boy, do we have the music video for you!

Miami indie-pop/hip-hop band Furious Leisure’s mini-film for their vape anthem “Vape Life” imagines the duo riding around town arresting anyone who dares light up a joint. Instead of a jail time, the offender gets an education in the benefits of vaping.

“Smoking is not good for you. The science is in. It’s one thing to smoke once a week, once a month, but the majority of people smoke many times, and this is just not good for you,” says member Bodizepha.

Check out the video here.

Medical Marijuana is legal in 19 states — not including Florida. But that hasn’t stopped one Fort Lauderdale tech company from reaping the benefits of the booming cannabis industry. BioTrackTHC, a 6-year-old software firm, devised a comprehensive “seed-to-sale” marijuana inventory program that uses an identification number on barcodes to track marijuana from plant to dispensary.

It started off with only 20 customers, but BioTrackTHC has expanded as one by one, states begin legalizing medical and recreational marijuana. In just a few years, the company has grown to serve 1,800 licensed businesses in 24 states, in addition to D.C. and Canada.

Though it’s becoming increasingly legal to possess it, smoke it, eat it, and even sell it in medicinal, recreational, or retail settings, there’s still one thing you can’t do with cannabis.

“You can’t — legally — drink alcoholic beverages with it,” says Weston native Joe Durkin, cofounder of Fort Lauderdale-based South Florida Distillers and head distiller for Fwaygo rum. “I want to help change that.”

Forty-three-year-old Alex Sanchez spent just one night in jail last October after he was arrested for growing weed at his house in Kendall. When he returned home, the electricity wasn’t on. Sanchez called to figure out what was up and stumbled upon a little-known county ordinance that prevented him from taking a hot shower or cooking himself dinner unless he forked over what amounted to his life savings.

That day, Sanchez learned he was on the hook for thousands of dollars in fees, inspection costs, permits, repairs, and, eventually, once all of that was paid off and completed, a four-figure deposit payable to Florida Power & Light.