Author Mike Adams

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Anupam Kamal/Flickr.

Washington state medical marijuana grower Justin Loken, who after being ambushed and robbed inside his home last summer by a gang of social pariahs, whipped out a pistol and put a bullet in a couple of his assailents.
But apparently in Washington, defending your legal marijuana grow operation against hookers, pimps and robbers with a firearm will earn you a substantial federal prison sentence.

A screen capture of a billboard from KHOU.

It appears as though a Mexican drug cartel has incorporated outdoor advertising in its arsenal of intimidation tactics in an attempt to further infiltrate the black market drug trade in the United States. Earlier last week, as motorists in El Paso, Texas began their morning commute, many got to see a series of billboards which had gone up up overnight displaying threatening messages accented with a couple of well-dressed mannequins swinging from a noose.

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