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Andrea Sanderlin’s grow operation.

Andrea Sanderlin, the New York mom accused earlier this summer of running a multimillion dollar marijuana ring, has pled guilty to operating a grow facility in Queens.
Sanderlin, who many in the media joked was the real-life version of the Showtime series “Weeds”, confessed to her “crimes” Tuesday, admitting to running the grow house for nearly four years.

Marijuana Policy Project’s Matt Simon.

West Virginia lawmakers have begun considering the possibility of allowing for legal medical marijuana use and cultivation in their state. As we reported earlier this week, an interim joint health committee (no pun intended) has been called to evaluate whether legalizing medical cannabis is the right move for the state. Yesterday was the first of the hearings, with Marijuana Policy Project analyst and spokesman Matt Simon taking the stand and urging politicians in his home state to come to their senses.
“Those are some of the really tragic cases in my opinion, patients who have to move to another state just to try a plant that would work for them,” Simon told lawmakers.

passingajoint flickr.jpg

Earlier this month, a group opposed to Proposition AA, the measure to establish tax rates on recreational marijuana sales in Colorado, staged a rally at Denver’s Civic Center Park during which attendees were given free joints.
Now, that same group, No on Proposition AA, is planning a second free-joint event tomorrow on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall. And one organizer, attorney Rob Corry, has written a letter to Vice President Joe Biden inviting him to take part. Denver Westword has the full story.

New jersey flag.png

As we reported yesterday, a New Jersey medical marijuana patient and physician are suing the state for dragging its heels in implementing the state medical marijuana program. Their argument: the state wants to sabotage the program by making it inefficient.
Yesterday, Superior Court Judge Marie Lihotz said that the lawsuit had some merit but she stopped short of agreeing that the state had purposefully done anything wrong.


Last week, opponents of Proposition AA, the measure to establish tax rates for recreational marijuana, staged a rally at Civic Center Park at which adults 21 and over who attended were given free joints. In the days that followed, board members of Colorado NORML came out against Prop AA, too.
Does that mean support for the proposal is soft? Not in the view of attorney Brian Vicente, a marijuana advocate and co-author of Amendment 64. Denver Westword has the full story.

Stay classy, San Diego.

Estimates are that the city of San Diego has over 70,000 medical marijuana patients, yet, the city has never passed an ordinance allowing medical marijuana dispensaries, nor has it passed any official ban on the blooming industry.
This no-man’s-land of cannabis legality in America’s Finest City, compounded by the confusion and grey-area in the state medical marijuana laws, led to a rampant rise in the number of storefront weed dispensaries to nearly 300 at the peak in 2010…and then an equally rapid shuttering and/or raiding campaign that saw all but a stubborn few shops close their doors in 2011.

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Update – 9/12/13: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Tuesday signed a bill into law that makes it a little easier for parents to access medical cannabis for their sick children in that state. This is the second time this bill has made it’s way to the governor’s office, with Christie rejecting the first version in August because he said increased too much access.
“I’m pleased the legislature accepted my recommendations so that suffering children can get the treatment they need,” Christie said in a statement. “I’ve said all along that protection of our children remains my utmost concern, and this new law will help sick kids access the program while also keeping in place appropriate safeguards. Parents, not government regulators, are best suited to decide how to care for their children, and this law advances that important principle.”

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Washington D.C. City Council member David Grosso says he plans to submit a recreational legalization measure before city leaders September 17 when the council returns from summer recess.
Grosso’s plan – which is similar to laws passed in Colorado last year – would legalize and regulate the sale, cultivation and possession of limited amounts of cannabis in the nation’s capital. The announcement comes on the heels of a decriminalization measure proposed in June that would make an ounce or less a $100 fine instead of a criminal offense has ten of the 13 council member’s support.

From the pits of hell comes…

As the OC Weekly has previously reported, the DEA is attempting to seize a $1.5 million Anaheim business complex from a computer engineer and his dentist wife over a $37 pot sale by a former marijuana dispensary tenant. The engineer, Tony Jalali, is being represented by attorney Matthew Pappas, as well as a team from the libertarian law firm Institute For Justice. The case is rapidly turning into a major showdown over the Obama administration’s heavy-handed crackdown on California’s medical marijuana industry.

Check out the Weekly for the local angle from reporter Nick Schou.

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