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Morgan Loew.

Morgan Loew, a douchebag reporter with Phoenix’s CBS 5, had a hunch: that only young and healthy people were getting a medical marijuana card from doctors who didn’t really care about following the rules. Sick people be damned.
So what did he do? He faked his way into getting a card with a real ailment: a sore back. He saw both a chiropractor (to build up a history) as well as the doctor who recommended cannabis for what Loew described as “distracting” pain that limited his ability to run.


Berkeley Patients Group, the largest medical marijuana dispensary in Berkeley, California, was sued by the federal government on Friday in an attempt to shut down the cornerstone collective and seize the property, according to a press release delivered today by Americans for Safe Access.
The feds accuse Berkeley Patients Group of breaking federal law by selling herb. And in a move that has been used with undeniable effect up and down the state of California, they’ve targeted BPG’s landlord and threatened her with asset and property seizure if she does not immediately evict her tenants.

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Not that there isn’t already some amateur cannabis research going on in Arizona college dorm rooms and student houses, but as of today formal cannabis research is now allowed at universities across the Grand Canyon state.
Gov. Jan Brewer today gave her signature to a law allowing cannabis research at Arizona universities. Schools can now research cannabis so long as the university receives federal permission from the DEA.

Los Angeles.

The California Supreme Court yesterday ruled that cities like Los Angeles can indeed ban pot shops through zoning if they so desire.
Too late? After unsuccessfully trying to ban dispensaries, the L.A. City Council is backing a May 21 ballot initiative that would allow 100 or so of the marijuana businesses to survive: That proposal, called Measure D, is also supported by those very dispensaries, the ones that have been around since before an October, 2007 “moratorium” on pot shops that was also unsuccessful. L.A. Weekly has the rest.

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Maryland is set to be the 19th state to approve of a state medical marijuana program after Gov. Martin O’Malley announced earlier today that he would be signing the bill at a ceremony tomorrow.
While it sounds great – and no doubt will provide medical benefit to some patients – the program is arguably the strictest in the country and probably won’t start serving patients until at least 2016 according to the Marijuana Policy Project.


A day after a bill that would ban the sale of bongs and certain pipes in Florida overwhelming passed the Florida House, its sister bill found similarly broad support in the Senate. The bill passed the legislative body 31-2 Friday, and will now head to Gov. Rick Scott.
Though, the bill has been considerably watered down since its inception and would have virtually no effect. Miami New Times has the rest.

san deigo city council.jpg
Jack Daniel.

In 1996, California voters legalized medical marijuana for qualified patients and caregivers. Nearly two decades have passed, and the city of San Diego has yet to enact an ordinance which would regulate medical marijuana dispensaries, and provide the guidelines by which they could legally open.

In nearly four hours of testimonies
given by dozens of San Diego citizens on Monday, the eight sitting City Council members heard arguments given both in favor of, and against, Mayor Bob Filner’s new proposed ordinance to allow for the legal and regulated re-opening of medical marijuana dispensaries in America’s Finest City.

ri dispensary 1.jpg

For the second time this month: Congrats, Rhode Island. Your medical marijuana patients now have somewhere to purchase medical marijuana if you they grow their own.
The Thomas C. Slater Compassion Center opened Friday, just in time for the 4/20 weekends that celebrates – among other aspects of cannabis culture – medical marijuana. According to store employees, there was a constant flow of patients.

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With April 20th, or 4/20, falling on a Saturday this year, the annual pot smokers’ holiday saw events, festivals, and concerts crop up in cities and states across the country in celebration of all things cannabis.
With a recent Pew Research Center poll showing a 52% majority of Americans polled being in favor of legalizing pot, and with new medical marijuana legalization bills underway in ten states, a lot of critical eyes were on the weed scene this past weekend.

420 shooting suspect 205x205.jpg

The shooting at Saturday’s 4/20 celebration put a damper on an event that was seen by organizers as a way to make Denver the center of marijuana reform nationwide.
At this writing, the Denver Police Department still has no one in custody for the crime. However, the department has identified what reps refer to as a “possible suspect” in the case — one captured on a video shared yesterday. Denver Westword has the 411.

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