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Photo: Free Republic
Homeland Security and ICE agents found more than two tons of Jamaican pot aboard the sailboat.

​An in-law of Hardball host Chris Matthews has been charged with running a major marijuana smuggling operation which brought pot to the U.S. from Jamaica.

Local police say that the trail from a pot bust — which they claim was worth $8.1 million — leads to Dartmouth, Massachusetts and James Ormonde Staveley-O’Carroll, a shipbuilder whose daughter, Sarah, is married to Michael Matthews, son of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.
Six weeks ago when federal agents intercepted the 79-foot sailboat Sarah Moira coming from Jamaica, they seized the boat’s cargo of 4,497 pounds of marijuana, and arrested the captain and crew, reports Curt Brown at the Cape Cod Times.

Photo: WTOL 11
850 pounds of marijuana was found in Angel Rivera’s home after he was shot and robbed, then called 911.

​An Ohio man who remains at a local hospital after he was shot in the face during a home invasion/robbery now faces federal marijuana charges.

Angela Rivera, 21, of Fairfield Township, called 911 when two men busted down his front door, then robbed and shot him on December 30 at his home on Fayette Drive, reports WHIO TV.
The first officer on the scene said he “saw drugs” and issued a search warrant.
Investigators found 850 pounds of “high grade” marijuana while searching Rivera’s home.
“I’ve been doing this for 34 years, and I have never seen this much marijuana in one spot,” Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones said on Monday. “It’s almost getting to where this is what you see on the border (with Mexico), not here in Butler County.”

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Man, that fountain would be a great way to cool off at Seattle Hempfest this August.

​Seattle Hempfest, the world’s largest pro-cannabis annual event, may be held underneath the Space Needle this year.

With the City of Seattle scheduling heavy construction this year in Myrtle Edwards Park, where Hempfest has been held for the past 15 years, the event’s promoters are currently in negotiation for a 20th Anniversary venue upgrade to Seattle Center, according to an internal email sent to supporters, members and VIPs.
“Such a move to the world renowned Seattle Center — home of the 1962 World’s Fair — would be a major step up for the visibility and legitimacy of our event (and movement, sponsors, etc.), and might attract media attention at the national level,” the Seattle Hempfest Membership Committee wrote in the email. (That “media attention at the national level” part just came true.)

Photo: Don Davis Jr./High Point Enterprise
In happier times: Thomasville City Manager Kelly Craver rocks out with his Street Party Band 

​A rock and roll-playing city manager was arrested for marijuana possession in North Carolina on Saturday.

Thomasville City Manager William Kelly Craver, 54, of Greensboro, was arrested in Davidson County late Saturday night, reports MyFox8. Craver was charged with one count of misdemeanor possession of up to a half-ounce of marijuana and one count of possession of “drug paraphernalia,” according to court records.
Craver was taken before a magistrate and given a $2,500 secured bond, although he was not in jail, the spokesperson said Sunday morning.
The city manager was charged after he was found with marijuana, a plastic bag containing traces of marijuana, and a pipe with marijuana residue, according to court documents from the Magistrate’s Office in Lexington.

Photo: MyFoxMaine
Starting January 1, medical marijuana patients in Maine are required by law to register with the state.

​More than 400 residents of Maine have applied to be medical marijuana patients under a new state law. Starting January 1, Mainers must be registered with the state before legally using cannabis medicinally.

For the past decade in Maine, ever since voters approved medical marijuana in 1999, patients had needed only a doctor’s authorization to use cannabis medicinally.
Applications flooded into the Maine Department of Health and Human Services in the final days and weeks of 2010, with hundreds more expected in the next several weeks, reports John Richardson at The Portland Press Herald. State officials said that expect to register 1,200 or more patients by the time the initial rush is over this spring.
“Everybody’s coming in at the last minute,” said Catherine Cobb, director of licensing and regulatory services for the health department. “We’ve been hammered.”

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‘Drug Money’ Charges Dropped, But Troopers Won’t Give The Money Back

An Illinois man says the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety is improperly holding $14,000 in cash taken from his stepson as supposed “drug money” when it was actually money he had sent with the young man to buy rare coins.

“It’s literally highway robbery — that’s literally what it is,” said Oklahoma City-based attorney Chad Moody. “They pull you over, they take your money.”
After State Trooper Joe Kimmons said he smelled the odor of smoked marijuana coming from the car, he reported finding “marijuana residue” in the car and on the pants of a passenger in the car.

Walker County Narcotics Enforcement Team/Daily Mountain Eagle
A large hydroponic marijuana grow room was found inside an Alabama barn by law enforcement. Clueless cop Adam Hadder then told the press that he’d busted a “marijuana lab,” which the gullible media outlets put right in their headlines and stories.

​Alabama media outlets, including a TV station and a newspaper, last week reported the bust of a local marijuana grow operation by calling it a “marijuana lab.” While they probably think that sounds a lot more dangerous than “marijuana garden,” it also makes them look singularly foolish.

Dennis “Cowboy” James Davis, 47, of Oakman, Alabama is charged with trafficking marijuana and is currently being held in the Jefferson County Jail on outstanding warrants for attempted murder and shooting into an occupied dwelling, according to 42 News.
Davis now faces the possibility of 99 years in prison after police found the hydroponic grow operation in a barn behind his home, reports James Phillips of the Jasper Daily Mountain Eagle.
Now, this guy Davis could well be a violent, murderous douche bag, for all I know, but to report his 400-plant marijuana grow as a “lab” is just silly.
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