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“That’s a good boy… We wont let those mean old potheads talk to my good boy anymore, no we won’t…”

​A Florida man has been charged with striking a police animal for telling a drug dog to “sit.”

Mario Duane Porter, 21, of Gainesville, was charged last week with “striking a police animal” (which supposedly includes “interfering with a working police animal”), disorderly conduct, possession of drug paraphernalia and refusing to sign a citation for violating the city’s noise and window tint ordinances, reports Karen Voyles of The Gainesville Sun.

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​A British prison inmate turned an empty office into a marijuana farm while out on day release for “work experience.”

Disgraced businessman Christopher Sanders had been given time out by Sudbury Prison officials to find a job on the outside, in preparation for being released early from a seven-and-a-half-year prison stretch for fraud, according to the Daily Mail.
The 41-year-old instead spent £10,000 (more than $15,000) of his savings on high-tech equipment to grow a crop of cannabis.

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McDonald’s is my kind of place. ​Iowa City Police arrested Ronald McDonald for possession of marijuana and allowing others to use pot at his residence on Sunday.

Officers responded to the 44-year-old’s residence after receiving a report of a “suspicious odor,” according to police. Outside McDonald’s residence, officers said they could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the house, reports Lee Hermiston at the Iowa City Press-Citizen.
Further investigation revealed “a quantity of marijuana” and other drug use paraphernalia, police claimed.

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Merchant Fred Carwile was surprised when eBay, without warning, removed his listings for back issues of High Times magazine

​​​​A Virginia man says eBay deleted his sales listings for back issues of High Times — which he’s sold for years at the online auction site — at the request of the federal government.

Fred Carwile of Crozet, Va., said he was “frustrated and angry” that eBay pulled the ads without warning. What’s worse, he said two different eBay customer service representatives told him the marijuana-culture magazines were pulled “at the request of the federal government,” reports Lisa Provence at The Hook.
“The federal government cannot ban books,” Carwile said, noting that High Times is sold at Barnes and Noble and at convenience stores across the United States. “They’re pressuring a business to ban books.”

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Bartkowicz in the midst of giving the ill-advised interview which destroyed everything for which he had worked so hard

​A Colorado man accused of running an illegal marijuana grow operation in his basement will likely appear later this week in federal court after a raid took place at his Highlands Ranch home.

The case of Chris Bartkowicz has ignited a battle between medical marijuana advocates and the U.S. Justice Department, reports Valerie Castro of CBS 4 Denver.
Jeffrey Sweetin, special agent in charge of the Denver office of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, oversaw the Friday raid of Bartkowicz’s home and subsequent arrest of the licensed medical marijuana provider after Bartkowicz bragged on television about his profitable grow op.

“What do you mean, what would I do for a lighter?”

​Marijuana activist/visionary Rob Griffin set the standard, simply because he was there before almost anyone else. When he launched 420 Girls in 1993, there weren’t any other sites centered around photos of naked women smoking weed.

The goal, Griffin says, was always to draw more people into the legalization movement through the beauty, glamor and sex appeal of the nude female figure.
The site features nude women smoking pot, posing with cannabis paraphernalia, marijuana plants and buds, posing in dispensaries, fields and grow rooms.
While the formula has certainly caught on — there are many others like it today — was the original.
Griffin’s mission came into being as a result of a marijuana possession conviction from 1992, while Rob was living in Maryland. Because he was then considered, by law, to be a felon due to drug-related charges, his right to vote was permanently suspended.
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Dakta Green: “I will never stop campaigning to free cannabis users from these harsh and unfair laws”

​Television New Zealand is investigating an allegation that its staff smoked cannabis while visiting Waitangi with marijuana law reform advocates.

A report on a trip to the Waitangi Day celebrations by marijuana activist Dakta Green and others in the “Cannabus” bus was featured on the TV show “Close Up” last Tuesday, reports the New Zealand Herald.
“Nobody in New Zealand should be ever punished by their boss simply for smoking cannabis on their own time,” Green said Saturday.
“So long as no one is being hurt and no disturbance caused, what goes on outside of the job is no matter of the company or the employer,” Green said.
Green is a leading member of the New Zealand contingent of the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).
The report featured scenes of “drug taking,” according to the Kiwi press, which sounds pretty bad until you remember it’s just some folks smoking cannabis.

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Members of Alabamians for Compassionate Care rally for medical marijuana in Birmingham, Saturday, February 13

​About two dozen members of Alabamians for Compassionate Care, a medical marijuana advocacy group, staged a march and rally in Birmingham Saturday afternoon.

The group is urging people to support a bill before the Alabama Legislature which would legalize the medical use of cannabis by seriously ill patients with the recommendation of their doctor, reports Roy L. Williams of The Birmingham News.
“Patients in Alabama should not be locked in prison for trying to ease their pain and suffering,” said Loretta Nall, executive director of Alabamians for Compassionate Care.

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Chris Bartkowicz in his $500,000 basement grow operation, just hours before his loose lips sunk the ship

​Federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents have raided a Highlands Ranch, Colorado home just hours after a television news story teaser aired in which the homeowner boasted of $400,000 profits he hoped to garner this year from his medical marijuana grow operation.

This rapid unfolding of events serves to highlight a couple of should-be-obvious lessons that some in Colorado’s burgeoning medical marijuana scene have evidently yet to learn, among them, perhaps, “Never brag about six-figure pot profits in front of TV cameras, even if you’re sure you are legal.”

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​The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is obviously targeting a legal medical marijuana delivery service in Orange County — and then lying about it.

California’s medical marijuana law clearly specifies caregivers may possess up to eight ounces per qualified patient. But these Highway Patrol officers pretend to believe that caregivers may possess only eight ounces total.
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