Anti-Doping Agency Nails Cyclist Mock For, Well… Doping


Here’s busted but unrepentant cyclist David Mock carrying around hundreds of pounds of pot behind his bike. (Just kidding.)

‚ÄčThe absurd charade around marijuana in professional athletics of assumed evil and feigned penitence continues with the saga of cyclist David Mock, marijuana user.

The United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA, yes, there really is such a thing, folks, and they take themselves quite seriously) said today that Mock, 32, accepted a three-month suspension, reports the Associated Press.
His offense? An agency-administered urine test showed positive for a metabolite of cannabis.
The Anti-Dopers say Mock actually got off light. His period of ineligibility started Dec. 11, but was reduced from three months to “time served” (only six days?!) after he completed the agency’s “anti-doping educational program” (those must be really great).
The agency said Mock’s urine from Aug. 15 at the Yankee Clipper race tested positive.