Five Condemned To Death For Hashish In Vietnam


Photo: AFP

‚ÄčFive Chinese men have been sentenced to death in northern Vietnam for trafficking hashish.

The men were accused of trafficking almost eight tons of hash destined for Canada, according to the Vietnam News Agency (VNA).
The hashish came from Pakistan and was about to be shipped to North America through the Vietnamese port of Mong Cai, VNA said.
The Chinese men, ranging in age from 42 to 57, were arrested in May 2008. They were also charged with smuggling almost $180,000 in cash.
Vietnam became known for its high-quality cannabis during its 10-year war with the United States, but the communist government in power since the war ended in 1975 has some of the toughest drug trafficking laws in the world.

Marijuana grows wild all over Vietnam — but they’ll still kill you for it.

‚ÄčIronically, the most obtainable form of marijuana in Vietnam’s capitol city of Hanoi is now “Canadian grass” imported from North America. Canada’s Vietnamese community is apparently making some tidy profits by shipping B.C. weed back home to Southeast Asia.
Despite Vietnam’s draconian drug policies, buying pot in Hanoi is “very easy,” according to Thanh Hien News. It costs about 100,000 VND — about $6 — a joint.
At least 14 people have been condemned to death this year in Vietnam for trafficking drugs, according to AFP News Agency.