San Diego Council Ready To Finalize Dispensary Regulations


San Diegans protest Operation Green Rx, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis’ dispensary crackdown

​The San Diego City Council is considering adopting dispensary regulations that were developed recently by the city’s Medical Marijuana Task Force, with substantial public input.

The task force held public meetings, studied ordinances from other cities and counties around the state, and considered comments from San Diego residents over a period of five weeks before making the recommendations.
“The San Diego City Council is doing a difficult and brave thing,” said Margaret Dooley-Sammuli, deputy state director in Southern California for the Drug Policy Alliance Network. “It’s putting safe access for medical marijuana patients and the needs of San Diegans above the political opposition of the County Board of Supervisors and the District Attorney.”
Margaret Dooley-Sammuli of Drug Policy Alliance Network

​”Unlike the County, the City Council understands that regulation is key to both safe access and public order,” Dooley-Sammuli said.
With an important meeting coming up on Jan. 4, Dooley-Sammuli asks that medical marijuana supports show their thanks and support to the San Diego City Council.
Only clear regulations can ensure safe access to medical marijuana for ill San Diegans and also address concerns of unregulated or illegitimate operations.
An October poll showed an overwhelming majority — 77 percent — of San Diego voters support regulating, not eliminating, marijuana dispensaries.
Yet San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis continues with her dispensary crackdown. Dumanis received heavy publicity for saying there are “no such things” as legal marijuana dispensaries, despite state law.
Davidovich: “Very pleased to see the Council is taking an proactive role”

​Medical marijuana patient and activist Eugene Davidovich expressed cautious optimism about the recommendations. “I am very pleased to see that the San Diego City Council is taking a proactive role in trying to provide clarification to patients who are forced to navigate these murky laws,” he told Toke of the Town.
“At the same time it is disappointing that as of yet the chief of police and mayor of San Diego have not taken an active role,” Davidovich said. “It is more disappointing to see the San Diego District Attorney [Bonnie Dumanis] refuse to cooperate with the task force, and the continued arrest, prosecution, and harassment of legitimate medical cannabis patients by her office.”
A voter initiative, Prop 215, legalized medical marijuana in California in 1996, and SB 420 clarified and expanded the law in 2003.
“Please let the City Council know you’re watching what they’re up to,” Dooley-Sammuli said. “Tell them to keep up the good work and finalize medical marijuana dispensary regulations in 2010.”
California Residents, Take Action
If you live in California, click here to email the City Council and mayor of San Diego and urge them to support the San Diego Medical Marijuana Task Force recommendations for dispensary regulations.