California Marijuana Report Joins Forces With Beverly Hills NORML


Photo: Beverly Hills NORML

​​The California Marijuana Report™, a cutting edge report for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws featuring California cannabis news, music and culture, has joined forces with Beverly Hills NORML.

“The CMR will broadcast from the elegant and well-connected NORML 90210,” said host Eric Brenner. “We are thrilled to be joining forces with such visionaries as Cheryl Shuman and Fred Rhoades, who share my passion to legalize marijuana.”

Photo: Beverly Hills NORML
Cheryl Shuman, executive director, NORML 90210

​”The therapeutic value of socialization and the building of community cannot be underestimated,” said Cheryl Shuman, executive director of Beverly Hills NORML. “The ability to keep informed with the latest news in the cannabis community, to network and organize, is paramount for the reform movement. Having Eric as a member of our team provides a much-needed resource for patients and activists.”
“I have always been an activist journalist, with an agenda,” Brenner said. “The California Marijuana Report joining forces with NORML 90210 allows me to connect with a sophisticated and educated audience. I look forward to expanding our message of personal freedom with the superb talents at Beverly Hills NORML.”

Photo: California Marijuana Report
Eric Brenner, host, California Marijuana Report

​”This weekly demand for liberty will not end until every single Californian imprisoned for marijuana sees daylight again,” Brenner said. “All Californians whose lives are being disrupted for so-called marijuana crimes have a voice here on The California Marijuana Report.”
Brenner produces the weekly broadcast, uniting his skills as a radio journalist and actor. He anchored and wrote for KGO News Talk Radio and Westwood One for many years, and also works as an actor, most recently on “Trauma” for NBC.
The California Marijuana Report broadcasts at every Tuesday at 6 p.m. Pacific.