Thief Busts In Head Shop, Grabs $300 Worth Of Fake Weed



​Dude… This story’s probably gonna make you feel better about yourself, because you are so much more together than the idiot in Flagstaff, Arizona, who busted into a head shop and stole $300 worth of fake weed Monday night.

In the police blotter of Wednesday’s Arizona Daily Sun is a report of a burglary at the Kind Connection Tattoo and Smoke Shop (I’ve never been there and I already love the place), where the burglar only stole two items: a $200 incense vaporizer and $300 worth of fake pot.
The burglar bashed in the front window with a baseball bat — setting off, of course, the store’s alarm system — went in, selected the two items, and left, reports James King at Phoenix New Times.

It ain’t worth goin’ down for, man…

​When store employees responded to the burglar alarm about 9:45 p.m., they found that the only two things missing were the vaporizer and the Spice Gold, a “legal herb” smoked by unfortunate would-be stoners who can’t score weed.
An investigation, as they say, is underway; employees were able to give police “possible suspect information. “Hopefully, that information is more thorough than he or she’s a ‘skeevy stoner,'” King writes.