New Zealand: Drug Trial Going Ahead For Cannabis Advocate


Photo: Dakta Green
Dakta Green: “I will never stop campaigning to free cannabis users from these harsh and unfair laws”

‚ÄčThe trial of a New Zealand man campaigning to have cannabis legalized is going ahead next week after he lost his bid to stop the proceeding.

Dakta Green said he was nevertheless “encouraged” by comments from the judge.
Green is facing six marijuana charges and is scheduled to go on trial in Auckland District Court next week, reports 3 News.
“The truth is coming out,” Green said on his Facebook page. “If we don’t win in court we will win in the court of public opinion.”
Green had applied for a stay of proceedings on the grounds that the charges against him breached his rights under the Bill of Rights Act.
Friday in a reserved decision Judge Anne Kiernan threw out his application, ruling he had produced no evidence that his rights had been breached.
However, during her ruling, the judge said Green had produced some persuasive arguments for the legalization of cannabis, but that the court was not the right place for such arguments to be heard.

Photo: Luke Parker, Western Leader
Dakta Green: “Live like it’s legal”

‚ÄčOutside the courtroom, Green said he was delighted by the judge’s comments.
“I am grateful that the court has been receptive to our ideas, that they have made positive comments about the legalizing of cannabis,” Green said.
“The people are angry and we are going to change the law this year,” Green said, warning that politicians should be aware of the impending change.
“Thank goodness for people like Mr. Green,” commented “Urban Druid,” a reader of 3 News. “It takes a brave man to stand up for his beliefs and values in a society that is dead set on stamping him and the culture he represents.”
“If all cannabis users in society were to ‘come out’ so to speak, then the debate would be over,” the reader commented.
Green’s trial, on six charges of possessing cannabis and possession for sale, will begin Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, according to 3 News.