Shakedown Street: Colorado Town Charges Pot Dispensaries $3K To Operate


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Olathe: Cut us in on the cash, and you can stay

‚ÄčJust like that, the Town of Olathe, Colorado says it will now charge medical marijuana dispensaries an annual fee of $3,000 to operate.

The Olathe Town Board voted unanimously for the new ordinance on Monday night, according to Town Administrator Scott Harold, reports KKCO. Two board members weren’t present for the vote.
Harold said the board “feels the ordinance is necessary” to “regulate” dispensaries. He claimed the board had been “talking and finalizing the wording of it” (translation: figure out how much we can shake them down for) since June.
Oh well, Toke of the Town supposes it could be worse. The Board could have tried to ban dispensaries outright.

The ordinance will go into effect in 31 days. The town’s only dispensary will be given an extra 90 days to pay the $3,000 “fee.”
Harold claimed the money would be used to “protect citizens and dispensaries.”
He said “additional policing” is needed to “make sure that dispensaries have their books in order” and are only serving patients 21 years of age and up.
Many members of the public in attendance opposed the ordinance during Monday night’s vote, KKCO reports. Their objections were roundly ignored and summarily dismissed by the Town Board, who were evidently having trouble seeing past the dollar signs dancing before their eyes.