Argentine Grandma Faces Trial For Two Pot Plants



‚ÄčA federal appeals court in Argentina has ruled that a grandmother has to stand trial for growing two marijuana plants in her back yard.

Argentina’s Supreme Court ruled in August 2009 that it is unconstitutional to punish adults for privately using marijuana, as long as the use doesn’t hurt anyone else. For that reason, a federal judge had previously issued a stay against prosecuting the woman, who swore she used the cannabis solely for herself, reports CNN.
But the public prosecutor’s office appealed the ruling, and a federal appeals court overturned the previous decision because the woman lives with her two sons and a grandchild.
The three-page appeals court ruling said the grandmother could not prove the marijuana was solely for her personal consumption.
Last year’s unanimous Supreme Court ruling made Argentina the second Latin American nation within a one-week span to allow personal use of a formerly illegal drug.

Mexico also enacted a law in August decriminalizing possession of small quantities of most drugs, including marijuana, LSD, cocaine and heroin.