Cannabis Quote Of The Day: Paul Stanford


Photo: Leah Nash
Paul Stanford, director, The Hemp and Cannabis Foundation (THCF), with a few close friends


“Freedom of consciousness and thought should be a fundamental liberty, yet this is what truly frightens those who favor the drug war. Cannabis is a powerful tool in exploring consciousness and reality, one that is healthy and safe for the vast majority. Those who would punish and imprison us for cannabis have been lied to and misled. Our task is to educate them with truth and love.”

The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation (THCF) is working to truthfully educate the public concerning hemp and cannabis, as well as helping medical marijuana patients. THCF operates clinics across the country where doctors help patients obtain a permit for medical marijuana.
THCF has helped more than100,000 patients in nine states obtain a permit to legally possess, use and grow medical marijuana.