Cool Stuff You Gotta Have For Your Next Stoner Birthday Party


Photo: Fred & Friends
Another birthday rolling around? Happy doobie to you!

​Having a hard time coming up with high-concept birthday ideas for that significant stoner in your life? For the pothead who has everything, Toke of the Town presents a few good ideas to spark that next birthday celebration into the stratosphere.

Lit™ Birthday Candles

Happy doobie to you!
The next time a birthday rolls around, get things started on a high note. Put a new twist on lighting the candles with Lit™ birthday candles from Fred & Friends. Each package contains eight “perfectly rolled” candles which for all the world look like joints.
The eight-candle packs of Lits sell for $5.21 at Amazon, and are also available online at Perpetual Kid, Mortimer Snodgrass, Patina, Pop Deluxe, The Spoon Sisters, Kitchen Kapers, Cool Stuff Express, and Baron Bob.

Cookies taste better baked! And now you won’t ever have to wonder which ones are “special” again.

Stonerware Pot Leaf Cookie Cutter
“Cookies taste better… baked!” proclaims the packaging on Stonerware’s pot leaf-shaped cookie cutter, and I’m certainly in no position to argue.
The cutters are “homegrown” in the U.S.A., and are a perfect way to make marijuana leaf-shaped cookies into which you can stick Lit™ birthday candles.
“Use our potleaf cutter for those special batches of cookies or brownies and transform your tasty lil’ treats with a groovy new look!”, advises Stoneware.
The cookie cutters are $6.99 apiece from, which also offers a $14.99 baking pan which makes six groovy pot-leaf-shaped goodies per pan.
The baking pan, oven safe up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit (nudge nudge, wink wink), is safe for freezer, microwave and dishwasher.
But wait, that’s not all! BeWild offers more than 20 pot and pot-leaf items, including pot leaf curtains, games (including chess and checkers) with pot leaves, pot leaf shirts, posters, pint glasses, baseball hats, shot glasses, playing cards and more.
You can even freak out the guests at your next party with pot-leaf shaped ice cubes.

Photo: Pot Leaf Jewelry
Inlaid signet-style pot leaf sterling silver ring, $24

Pot Leaf Jewelry
Pot Leaf Jewelry, at has it all, from marijuana leaf belly bars and rings to cannabis necklaces, pendants, braceles, anklets and more.
The men’s jewelry, including the pot leaf rings, is very cool.
But guys, don’t forget: There are some great things to get your reefer-headed women here. Word to the wise, men: since your taste in jewelry sucks, you might want to let her help you pick it out.

Photo: Pot Leaf Jewelry
Fashionably dangling, crystalline gem pot leaf nipple ring, $7.99. Trust me: He will love it.

​And ladies, in case there is one of you somewhere out there who hasn’t already figured this out, you don’t even have to buy any jewelry for that stoner guy in your life to put a big ol’ happy smile on his face.
You can trust me when I tell you that you’ll make him just as happy — and quite probably, even happier! — if you instead buy some lovely little pot leaf nipple rings and personally model them for him.
Hint: For bonus points and even bigger smiles, make that jewelry jingle a little. Guys like that sort of thing.
At that point, it’s up to you just how happy a birthday you wanna make it.