Tennessee’s Chief Medical Examiner Arrested For Marijuana


Photo: The Commercial Appeal
Dr. Bruce Levy

‚ÄčOK, so you’re at the top of your game. You lead the field in your state. And after a long day’s work of conducting autopsies, who’s to blame you if you need to toke up and unwind with a little of the kind? The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics, that’s who.

Bruce Levy, chief medical examiner for Tennessee, was arrested in Mississippi and charged with felony marijuana possession, police said Wednesday.

Dr. Levy, 49, was arrested after police found a package of marijuana with his name on it — not a smart idea, in case you were considering it! — and more pot at his hotel room in central Mississippi, where he has a lucrative side gig as a coroner.
The package with Levy’s name on it at a distribution center contained less than an ounce of marijuana, according to Jon Kalahar of the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics. Agents on Tuesday also found several containers at his Ridgeland, Miss., hotel room, each with less than an ounce of pot, reports The Associated Press.

Levy has been chief medical examiner in Tennessee since March 1998 with a state contract. He was also one of six doctors who work in Mississippi performing medical examiner duties. The medical examiner’s office is responsible for conducting autopsies to determine how and why people died.
In 2009, Levy’s office was in charge of the autopsy of ex-NFL quarterback Steve “Air” McNair, concluding that McNair most likely was the victim of a murder-suicide. Police said McNair was shot by his girlfriend who then killed herself.
Calls to Dr. Levy’s office in Nashville, not very shockingly, went unreturned, according to AP.
Both Tennessee and Mississippi say they’re relieving the cannabinated coroner of his official duties.