420 Day: The Really High Zone


Photo: The Real Potheads of North Hollywood

‚ÄčThe Real Potheads of North Hollywood are celebrating the stoner holiday with 420 Day, a fabulous spoof of Groundhog Day and The Twilight Zone.

The Real Potheads of North Hollywood is an upcoming comedy about all things marijuana.
The social satire follows the lives of four potheads and their square friend. Shot in mock “reality show” style, the show follows these 21st Century slackers’ misadventures.
From running out of weed to discovering an exotic strain of cannabis that turns women into lesbians, you never know what to expect next in North Hollywood.
The show doesn’t spare anyone — it pokes fun at stoners and squares alike.
“Join us and watch these 420 stereotypes in their day-to-day,” said Dave Levin, co-creator and executive producer.  “You’ll laugh so hard you’ll cough in the middle of your bong hit.”
View all three parts of 420 Day after the fold.

420 Day was written by Dave Levin, Mike Tsirklin, Brian Swineheart and Ramsey Moore, aka “The Real Potheads.” It is directed by Brandon Graham.

“It was originally intended to just be a spoof of Groundhog Day, but when we looked at the footage we knew we had to add the Twilight Zone element,” Levin told Toke of the Town.

For more high-larious Real Potheads videos, visit their YouTube channel.