CU Regent Calls For Crackdown On Boulder’s 4/20 Smokeout


Photo: Black & Right (who’s stupid enough to think it’s “dumb”)
Look at all that smoke! The crowd was once again more than 10,000 at last year’s CU 4/20 smokeout, April 20, 2009. Are the cops really going to hand out tickets this year?

​An uptight University of Colorado regent has said the Boulder campus should do a better job “cracking down” on pot smokers who gather for the “unsanctioned” 4/20 smoke-out.

Last year, about 10,000 people gathered to smoke marijuana — or just watch — during the public protest, reports Brittany Anas at the Boulder Daily Camera. Police have largely turned a blind eye to pot smoking at the event, usually issuing just a few tickets spurred by “other illegal activities.”

Photo: Black & Right
Will these hardened criminals be ticketed? Besides taking a stand for marijuana legalization, there are other excellent reasons to attend the smokeout, as evidenced by three comely revelers from 2009.

​But this year, things will apparently be different, thanks to tight-ass Republican regent Tom Lucero, who just can’t stand the idea of someone having an “unsanctioned” good time. Campus officials this year say peaceful, harmless pot smokers will be ticketed if they’re caught with cannabis walking to or from the event.
Obnoxious moral do-gooder Lucero claimed the 4/20 gathering “perpetuates a party image” at CU, and it’s been a “perennial concern” for the Board of Regents.
“We need to have some law enforcement on the Boulder campus,” Lucero sputtered. “[The administration] has created a culture where it’s OK to walk around and smoke pot in the middle of the campus, and it’s not acceptable.” Umm… what?
Beleaguered campus officials say it’s difficult to enforce marijuana laws since so many people — many of whom are not students — attend the event. Besides that, tickets carry little punishment for simple possession.
CU spokesman Bronson Hilliard said the campus “would be open” to hearing ideas for how police could issue tickets when there are thousands of people simultaneously smoking dope. “We’d love to listen,” Hilliard said plaintively.
Possession of under an ounce of marijuana is a “Class 2 Petty Offense” carrying a $100 fine, according to CU Police Commander Tim McGraw (no, not the country superstar who’s married to Faith Hill).
CU Chancellor Phil DiStefano sent separate emails to students and employees Friday, acknowledging campus safety concerns and the “disruption” caused by the unofficial event.
“On April 20, 2010, please do not participate in unlawful activity that devalues the reputation of your university and degree,” DiStefano stiffly wrote in his email to students, virtually guaranteeing twice as many attendees at the on-campus event.
DiStefano warned students that individuals found “using marijuana” on their way to or from the 4/20 gathering — or elsewhere on the campus — could be ticketed.
“This is an unsanctioned event on our campus, but regardless, we all desire it be carried out with no injuries to individuals and no damage to property,” DiStefano wrote.
No buying or selling of marijuana will be allowed, the chancellor’s email decreed. Aw, darn.
The chancellor said classes should not be cancelled due to the 4/20 smokeout, and students should not be excused from class to attend.
Alex Douglas, executive director of CU’s NORML chapter, said if the university would embrace the event as a protest and rights movement, it would be more accepted, instead of being seen as an embarrassment.
CU hasn’t exactly put out the welcome mat for the marijuana revelers. In years past, the university turned on sprinklers to disperse the 4/20 pot smokers. Shades of Birmingham hosing down civil rights demonstrators!
In an Orwellian twist of repression, the university has also posted photos of “offenders” online, offering 50 bucks to anyone who could identify them. No word if there have been any takers.