Here’s What The War On Pot Looks Like: This Must Stop.


Graphic: The Conceptualist

‚ÄčThis footage is disturbing — even sickening. But it’s time to stop hiding our heads in the sand.
This is what the war on marijuana looks like.
Militarized, gung-ho SWAT team cops playing Rambo, kicking in a door, slaughtering the family dogs as they howl in pain, terrifying and scarring for life an innocent, seven-year-old child… for what?
To confiscate a small, misdemeanor amount of marijuana from Jonathan Whitworth.
Mission accomplished, eh?

No wonder these drug warriors have inspired national outrage, revulsion, and disrespect for law enforcement.
The officers fired seven rounds, inside a dwelling occupied by a woman and child (along with their “suspect,” whose only “crime” was smoking pot).
The family’s pit bull was killed and corgi was shot as the horrified child looked on.
The police, after firing their weapons inside an occupied dwelling with a child as if they were in the Wild West, actually had the temerity to charge Whitworth and his wife with “child endangerment.”
Apparently, in the twisted world occupied by these drug warriors, it’s a lot more dangerous to a child for his parent smoke a joint, than it is to storm a home, slaughter the pets, and fill the air with lead.
This February raid in Missouri was, unfortunately, far from unique.
As pointed out by Radley Balko at Reason, there are more than 100 of these raids every single day in America — the vast majority of which are to serve a warrant for a consensual “crime” like smoking marijuana.
Enough, already. Cruelty, barbarity and stupidity like this are far more damaging than marijuana will ever be. This must stop.