Father, Son Face Charges After Claiming Car With 48 Pounds Pot


Photo: NNOA
48 pounds is a lot of weed. But if you abandon your car with 48 pounds inside, please don’t show up to claim the vehicle at the police station.

‚ÄčWrite this down: If the cops ever seize your vehicle, don’t show up to claim it if there’s almost 50 pounds of weed inside.

A Michigan father and son face drug charges after they tried to reclaim a vehicle in which police had discovered 48 pounds of marijuana, Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans said on Monday.

The men were arrested Thursday, one day after 8th Precinct officers discovered the cannabis inside a car they had just tried to stop, reports Amber Hunt at The Detroit Free Press.
The vehicle sped away and was found unoccupied nearby. The marijuana was discovered in a duffel bag inside the car, police claimed.

Edward Ware, 59, and his son, James Ware, 39, accompanied another man to the police station; the man told police he had been driving the vehicle.
Upon searching Edward Ware, officers found marijuana and 30 Vicodin pain pills on his person.
The pot bust was one of several last week that led to the confiscation of what police claimed was almost $2 million worth of heroin, cocaine, cannabis and “drug money.”.
James Ware was arraigned on possession of marijuana with intent to deliver, fleeing and eluding, and being a habitual offender (third offense).
Edward Ware is charged with possession of Vicodin, possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and being a fourth-time offender.