Medical Marijuana Bill 420 Introduced In Guam — At 4:20


Photo: KUAM

​Senator Rory Respicio of Guam introduced Bill 420, the Compassionate Healthcare Act of 2010, to legalize the medicinal use of marijuana on the island. The bill was introduced at 4:20 Monday afternoon.

“We want to file this at 4:20 p.m. to tie in with the symbolism and the whole meaning behind 420,” Respicio, a veteran Democrat lawmaker, said, reports Nick Delgado of KUAM.
While Senator Respicio introduced his bill at the traditional time for recreational pot smoking, he said his bill only allows for medical use of marijuana.

Photo: KUAM
Sen. Rory Respicio: “They really should be more afraid of something like alcohol”

​​”We’re not advocating the use of cannabis for recreational types of activity at all,” he said.

Bill 420 would allow local compassion centers authorized to grow and sell marijuana to qualified patients.

“It’s complicated, when a doctor prescribes the use of marijuana for some medical illnesses we also have to license growers and so we had to in that bill set up mechanisms to be able to do that,” Respicio said.

The legislation would require the Guam Department of Public Health to develop rules, procedures and regulations for the dispensaries. Those operating the centers would be required to submit locations where marijuana would be cultivated, as well as having security and safety measures in place.

Bill 420 would give physicians the authority to recommend cannabis to patients they believe could benefit from it.
“I just ask the people of Guam to pause for a moment and if they’re afraid of something I am trying to do, they really should be more afraid of something like alcohol and the effects it has on the human mind and body more than the effects marijuana has,” Respicio said.