Finally: A Shot Of The Mysterious L.A. Lakers Weed Lollipop Van!


Photo: Derek Shields
This is the van that handed out free pop lollipops at the Lakers’ parade on Monday.

​​Some of that happiness among fans at the Los Angeles Lakers’ parade on Monday might have been other than the “thrill of victory” kind. As reported here on Toke of the Town on Tuesday, a mysterious medical marijuana truck emblazoned with was giving out free pot lollipops along the parade route.

The truck was handing out marijuana lollipops in hues of orange and blue, the Lakers’ team colors.

Photo: Richard Vogel/AP
That babe in the middle could have allll the lollipops she wanted, if I were in charge.

​These were the first reported public sightings of the  truck itself, which was green “with a photo mural of young women in bikinis sorting marijuana leaves,” the L.A. Times reported — but neither the Times nor anyone else had an actual photograph of the mysterious van in question.
That is, until now, when sharp-eyed Toke of the Town reader Derek Shields noticed our call for photographs of the Weed World Candies van — and came through!
The truck, which was reportedly also stocked with several strains of marijuana, including OG Kush and Granddaddy Purp, would reportedly drive away every time police became visible in the disance. 

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​The truck’s owner, Bilal Muhammad, said his West Hollywood dispensary had recently been shut down due to the new restrictive medical marijuana ordinance, which is forcing more than 400 shops to close down throughout greater Los Angeles.
Bilal apparently said fuck this shit and took his business on the road.
“It’s been working out very well,” Muhammad said.
Customers approaching the truck were asked if they had a medical card allowing them to buy marijuana, and then were handed a free lollipop, the Times said.