South Carolina Jail Guard Arrested For Marijuana


Photo: WLTX
Hey, at least Gerard Brower has some friends inside the jail… that is, if he’s been giving them righteous deals.

‚ÄčOne South Carolina jail just got even less fun, as a guard was arrested and charged with trying to smuggle marijuana into the detention center.

Agents with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department arrested Gerard Vincent Brower, 24, in the parking lot of the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center at 6 a.m. Sunday before he went to work, charging him with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.
Deputies claimed they received information from a tipster that Brower had been taking marijuana inside the jail and dealing it to inmates, reports WLTX. (Sounds to me as if the guy should be getting a humanitarian award.)

Narcotics investigators said they were able to arrest Brower before he was able to walk inside the jail carrying cannabis.