Jerry Brown Just Says No To Legal Marijuana


Photo: Your Brain On Bliss
Jerry Brown: “I have been on the side of law enforcement for a long time, and you can be sure that we will be together on this November ballot”

​Bonehead move, Moonbeam. Gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown on Tuesday said he does not support legalizing marijuana in California.

Brown’s ill-advised announcement comes as the Golden State prepares to vote on the marijuana issue on November’s ballot, the same ballot voters will use to decide if he will be the next Governor of California, reports The State Column.
Moonbeam didn’t even have a coherent argument against cannabis legalization. In an appalling lapse of logic, the Democratic ex-governor said legalizing pot would open the floodgates for Mexican drug cartels — sort of like arguing that alcohol Prohibition should have been continued to quell the gang violence associated with the illegal booze trade.
“Every year we get more and more marijuana, and every year we find more guys with AK-47s coming out of Mexico going into forests and growing more and more dangerous and losing control,” a confused Brown said.
Marijuana policy reformer Steve Fox quickly pointed out “the idiocy of decrying the involvement of drug cartels in the marijuana trade while opposing a regulated system of distribution.”

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​”Suffice it to say that burying your head in the sand and hoping the Drug War will eliminate drug cartels from the planet hasn’t been the most effective tactic over the past few decades,” Fox said.
Brown had already indicated that he wasn’t likely to support pot legalization.
“I have been on the side of law enforcement for a long time, and you can be sure that we will be together on this November ballot,” he told a gathering of law enforcement officers in Sacramento back in March.
That makes it pretty clear that Brown is fully signing on to the prohibition industry’s tax-paid insanity of police, prosecution, and prison personnel benefits and perks.
As pointed out by Don Fitch at Your Brain On Bliss, Brown, along with most other California politicians, “never fails to vote, legislate and decide in ways favorable to the California lobby heavyweight, the California Correctional Peace Officer’s Association.”
The prison guard’s association continues to benefit enormously from the doomed Drug War, growing explosively in membership, pay, benefits, pensions and political power. “The tens of thousands of California prison guards suckle at the public teat of some of the most generous benefits of any public employees,” Fitch said.
“The guards and their union lobby relentlessly to maintain the draconian drug laws that turn so many Californians into prisoners, the raw material of the prison industry,” Fitch said.
The problem for Brown, as pointed out by Fox, is that he is pissing off hundreds of thousands of voters who will undoubtedly show up at the polls in November specifically to vote for marijuana legalization.
And the majority of those marijuana voters could have been expected to tilt towards Brown in the general election, especially since, as Governor, he signed California’s decriminalization law after the Legislature passed it back in 1975.
But now the clueless Brown has done the only thing he could have done to screw that up — dissing legalization.
Proposition 19, Control and Tax Cannabis 2010, would allow adults to possess up to an ounce of marijuana. Residents could legally grow marijuana gardens up to 5’x5′, and local cities and counties could decide whether to allow and tax marijuana sales.