Police Discover 600 Pounds Of Marijuana Inside Semi


Photo: WTHI
After a Tuesday morning traffic stop on I-70 in Indiana, police said they discovered 600 pounds of marijuana in a semitrailer

‚ÄčA traffic stop on Interstate 70 in Indiana turned into a big marijuana bust.

Around 9:30 Tuesday morning, an officer stopped a semitrailer going east on I-70 in Putnam County, Indiana; police said the ensuing search uncovered 600 pounds of pot, reports Lindsay Stalf at WTHI.
Officers claimed they found nine bags of marijuana “with a street value of $600,000.”
Attempts to learn just who these officers think would give a thousand bucks a pound for Mexican schwag were unsuccessful.
The 51-year-old driver, Emanuel Joseph Edwards of North Carolina, was unceremoniously thrown into the Putnam County Jail.

Edwards is charged with “dealing marijuana” and possession of marijuana, both of which are Class C felonies.