Weed Truck Gives Free Pot Lollipops At Lakers Victory Parade


Photo: Richard Vogel/AP

​It was a high old time at the Lakers’ victory parade in Los Angeles Monday. A medical marijuana truck emblazoned with WeedWorldCandies.com was giving out free pot lollipops along the parade route, according to Gale Holland at the Los Angeles Times.

The truck was handing out marijuana lollipops in hues of orange and blue, the Lakers’ team colors, according to the Times.
The pot truck, itself, was green, “with a photo mural of young women in bikinis sorting marijuana leaves,” Holland reports. (If anybody has or can get a picture of the truck, I’d love to run it here on Toke of the Town.)

Photo: Marijuana Reviews

​The truck was also stocked with several strains of marijuana, including OG Kush and Granddaddy Purp, the Times said.
The truck’s owner, Bilal Muhammad, said he had recently been forced to shut down his West Hollywood pot dispensary, due to the new medical marijuana ordinance in Los Angeles, and had decided to take his business on the road.
Customers approaching the truck were asked if they had a medical card allowing them to buy marijuana, and were then handed a free lollipop, the Times said.
“It’s been working out very well,” Muhammad said. According to the Times, he then drove away as police became visible in the distance.
This seems to be the first publicly reported sighting of the WeedWorldCandies.com marijuana truck, according to the New York Daily News.
A quick check Tuesday afternoon showed that the web domain weedworldcandies.com is not in service.