Marijuana Found On Bret Michaels’ Two Tour Buses


Bret Michaels may need to up his meditation time after his marijuana stash got seized from two tour buses last week.

‚ÄčRocker Bret Michaels had a little run-in with the police last Wednesday night in DeKalb County, Indiana, when officers found marijuana and “other drugs” on the singer’s two tour buses.

After a DeKalb County Sheriff’s deputy pulled over the two buses just after 11:30 pm for what Chief Deputy Jay Oberholtzer claimed was a “lighting violation” of some sort on one of the vehicles, police K9 units turned up stashes of marijuana and other unspecified drugs onboard, reports Aaron Organ of The Fort Wayne News-Sentinel.

After taking the driver’s licenses and registrations of both drivers, Deputy Aaron Long and Auburn Police Cpl. Joe McGrade conducted a K9 search of the first bus, resulting in a positive alert, according to Long.
Steuben County Sheriff’s Deputy Adam Miller walked his K9 through the second bus — of which Michaels was an occupant — and received a positive alert on that vehicle, as well, Long said.
Officers then searched both buses and found marijuana on each, as well as “unidentified controlled substances.”
It was unclear exactly how much marijuana or other substances were found, according to Oberholtzer.
Police said they made no arrests as a result of the stop, and the buses continued northward on I-69, Oberholtzer said. However, charges have been forwarded to the DeKalb County Prosecutor’s Office.
“Officers on the scene claimed there were no trailer tag lights,” Michaels’ representative told “No arrests were made. Mr. Michaels allowed an open search of the buses and everything was handled in a professional manner.”
Michaels, former frontman of the hard rock band Poison, is on his nationwide “Roses & Thorns” tour.