Prayer For Global Cannabis Freedom


Photo: The Growing Hemp Debate

‚ÄčThe key to so many problems in our world today is cannabis, the Tree of Life.
Cannabis hemp will displace petrochemical and pharmaceutical corporations that dominate our politics today, and decentralize wealth and influence at a time of growing technological advancement.
Stop the Drug War before they kick in your door.
For those facing execution for anti-cannabis laws in Malaysia and elsewhere, work for global cannabis freedom.
For those languishing in jails and prisons for anti-cannabis laws everywhere, work for global cannabis freedom.
For our forests, the web of life and the Mother Earth, which suffers from extraction of her resources and poisoning of our environment, work for global cannabis freedom.
For economic and political justice, work for global cannabis freedom.

For our brothers and sisters and all that have fallen along the way, work for global cannabis freedom. Amen.
Editor’s Note: Paul Stanford founded The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation (THCF) in 1999. He also heads up the Campaign for the Restoration and Regulation of Hemp (CRRH) and

THCF is working to truthfully educate the public concerning hemp and cannabis, as well as helping medical marijuana patients. THCF operates clinics across the country where doctors help patients obtain a permit for medical marijuana.

THCF has helped more than 100,000 patients in nine states obtain a permit to legally possess, use and grow medical marijuana.