Compare Cannabis Seed Prices At New U.K. Website


Photo: Seedscanner

​Selling cannabis seeds has long been legal in the United Kingdom, unlike the United States, and as a result the U.K. market for marijuana seeds has reached such maturity now that it merits its own price comparison website, according to the creators of a new site that, you guessed it, does exactly that.
Launched in August, Seedscanner offers an overview of the cannabis seed trade for a growing and increasingly discerning international market, according to marketing director Sophie Banks.

Graphic: Seedscanner

​More than 20 different types of seeds are monitored, enabling users to compare the prices of seeds across different vendors at a glance, with more seeds are being added all the time.
As with similar sites in the more mainstream sectors, Seedscanner promotes only the reputable sellers — who have been tried and tested — thereby offering an added level of security for the online buyer, according to Banks.

Photo: Seedscanner
Sophie Banks, Seedscanner: “We’re hoping to become the first port of call whenever someone thinks of cannabis seeds”

​”More seedbanks are appearing all the time, so we’re trying to simplify things for people,” Banks said.
“We’re hoping to become the first port of call whenever someone thinks of cannabis seeds,” Banks said, going on to argue that “with changing attitudes and the increasing potential for decriminalization in the U.K., the time is right for a consumer site that offers a benchmark in this market.”
The site also includes information on the best types of seeds for different climates, as well as other useful information such as customer reviews and information on the different strains, their effects and the uses of medical marijuana for pain relief.
A site for the U.S. market is planned, if laws are relaxed in regard to seed selling there, and a French version is due to launch in December, according to Banks.