Remembering The “Emperor Of Hemp”: DVD Review


Graphic: Emperor Of Hemp

‚ÄčCannabis activist Jack Herer (1939-2010) was a true American original. When we lost him on April 15, he passed into the hallowed hall of hemp history, a man who devoted his life to the cause of marijuana freedom.

Jack pledged to fight every day of his life until either cannabis was legal, he was dead, or until he turned 84. He took the pledge very seriously and never stopped fighting, giving an impassioned speech at Hempstalk 2009 and then collapsing with the heart attack that ended up taking his life a few months later.
Jack’s friends decided to honor the man and his work with a memorial tribute edition of writer/producer Jeff Meyers’ and director Jeff Jones’ 1999 documentary, Emperor Of Hemp. “We went back through all of Jack’s original interview footage and found a few never-before-seen gems, 20-plus bonus minutes of classic Jack at his fiery best,” Meyers says on the Emperor Of Hemp website.
“In the 11 years since the release of Emperor Of Hemp, our humble low-budget marijuana documentary has been seen by millions all over the world and has aired on PBS stations in major U.S. cities,” Meyers, a former L.A. Times reporter, said. “We receive email all the time from viewers who say the documentary has enlightened them to the truth behind marijuana prohibition.”

Emmy Award-winning actor Peter Coyote narrates the entertaining and powerful film, which lays out convincingly the main elements of Herer’s historic arguments for the legalization of cannabis/hemp.

Meyers’ and Jones’ eye for detail and grasp of the facts behind cannabis prohibition make this film of one of most compelling arguments available to end the war on marijuana and its consumers.
To order your own copy of the memorial tribute edition of Emperor Of Hemp from Amazon ($19.95 plus shipping), click here.