Powder Found In Traffic Stop Not Drugs, But Grandma’s Ashes


Photo: TV Or Death
The life of the party? Troopers thought they’d found a bag of meth or coke. But it was just Grandma.

‚ÄčWyoming Highway Patrol troopers thought they’d found a bag of meth or coke — but it was just Grandma.

Officers pulled over two men in a car about 7 a.m. Wednesday, and found trace amounts of marijuana, prescription drugs and “drug paraphernalia” in the ensuing search — and it sure looked they’d hit the jackpot when they discovered a powdery substance in a zip-lock bag.

The zip-lock bag containing the powder was tucked inside a purple and gold-trimmed Crown Royal whiskey bag, inside the vehicle’s center console.

Troopers claimed they initially thought the bag held some sort “poor quality cocaine or methamphetamine,” so they contacted the car’s owner — the girlfriend of one of the men — and asked her, according to Sgt. Stephen Townsend, reports Kieran Nicholson at The Denver Post.

The woman told troopers the baggie held her grandmother’s cremated ashes. She said they had been “very close” and “she always keeps her nearby in the console.”
The two men in the car, Thomas Garay, 30, and Zachary Beeson, no age given, both of Worland, Wyoming, were charged with misdemeanor possession of a Schedule II prescription drug (OxyContin).
As for cremains in the car console, troopers said that’s well, unusual, but not against the law.
“It’s a little different; you don’t come across it every day,” Townsend said.
Townsend said troopers put the ashes back.