CA Atty. Gen. Candidate Steve Cooley Is NOT Cool About Pot


Photo: Ross Berteig
California Attorney General candidate Steve Cooley: “Approximately zero” medical marijuana dispensaries are legal

​In any other election year, Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley’s campaign for California Attorney General would have caused a lot more concern. But with Prop 19 grabbing most of the pot-related election coverage, anti-pot hardliner Cooley has gone largely unexposed as a vicious enemy of California’s medical marijuana laws.

“If Prop 19 fails and Cooley is elected, this season’s marijuana reform honeymoon is going to come to a crashing halt in short order,” writes Scott Morgan at
“This guy is as nasty a drug warrior as there is, and if he becomes California’s top law enforcement official, it isn’t going to be pretty.”
Cooley commented in a November 18, 2009 interview on Public Radio’s “Air Talk” that the Los Angeles City Council’s actions to legalize medical marijuana sales were “irrelevant, meaningless, and… reckless.”

He infamously said that “approximately zero” of Los Angeles’s medical marijuana dispensaries are legal. The hot-dogging D.A. came to this interesting figure by assuming — contrary to existing practice for at least five years since SB 420 allowed patient collectives — that any over-the-counter exchange of marijuana for cash is inherently illegal.
Don’t forget to vote on November 2 — and don’t forget to vote against Steve Cooley, medical marijuana’s public enemy number one in the Golden State.
Steve Cooley is just not cool enough for California.