Prop 19 Supporters Use Lincecum’s Likeness At World Series


Photo: Big League Stew
I’m thinking Major League Baseball didn’t approve of this message. But I do.

​One of the most prominent — and fun — story lines around this year’s World Series is the the plentitude of pot at the Giants’ ballpark, which shouldn’t come as any surprise to anyone who knows San Francisco.

Proponents of the upcoming Prop 19 marijuana legalization measure — which would tax and regulate cannabis in California — were spotted marching around with signs featuring a picture of Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum, reports ‘Duk at Big League Stew.
Lincecum got busted with pot just last year after he was pulled over for speeding on Interstate 5 about four miles north of the Oregon border almost exactly a year ago, on October 30, 2009.
Police found 3.3 grams of pot on Lincecum after smelling marijuana as the pitcher rolled down the window of his 2006 Mercedes. The baseball star reportedly complied with a request to hand over the pot and a marijuana pipe from the car’s center console.

He was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession.

Photo: P.K’s Take
Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers: “I could smell weed in the outfield… Weed, no, that wasn’t my deal.”

​In other stoned Series tidbits, Texas Rangers center fielder Josh Hamilton, who has had his share of substance abuse issues (but not with pot) in the past, said he smelled the aroma of cannabis wafting out of the bleachers during Game 1 of the Series Wednesday night, report George A. King III and Mike Puma at the New York Post.
“I could smell weed in the outfield,” Hamilton said. “It was crazy. I was looking at the cops a couple of times during the game.”
But it didn’t bother him, Hamilton said.
“Weed, no, that wasn’t my deal,” said Hamilton, who battled issues with booze and narcotics.
It was the second day in a row Hamilton saw potheads.
“My wife and I were walking down the street [Tuesday] and there was a guy smoking a joint with a cop 50 yards away,” he said.

Tim Lincecum, San Francisco Giants pitcher, got busted with weed last year.